About This Project

My Creepy Toy Series was born from my desire to collect.
I have been a collector for as long as I can remember. As a photographer, I am a collector of images. When I am on location, photographing architecture from past eras and the natural world, I am gathering. I respond to my collection of objects in the same way.
Historic remains call to me. Remnants from nature, detritus from humans, forgotten toys, discarded items; all become symbols of the past and surrogates for my memories. I want to touch these objects, preserve them, protect them. The textures, faded colors, dirt, and odors all tell a story. Paint peels away, stitching comes loose and stains deepen. These actions reveal part of the object’s history.
As I spend time with my collections, I respond to their unusual juxtapositions. It’s as if they create relationships with one another. Responding to these collected pieces, my own past and a little humor create new narratives, which give the objects a new mythology. I seek imagery that explores memory and history along with fictional implications, while maintaining a sense of mystery to be discovered by the viewer.
The Creepy Toy Series is about one collection, not juxtaposed or assembled, but simply viewed in a different light.